Episode 9 – The Week of Dryad Waxing, 2019

Hello, I’m Branwyn Two-Moon of Clan Lightridge and these are the Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor for the week of Dryad Waxing, 2019.

First and foremost, you’re in your last few days to get your opinions on the new housing plans to your regional and guild representatives.  The council vote is next week, and rumor has it that they’ve got a major announcement planned as well. If you haven’t looked over the plans, check town hall in Eastfjord Harbor, or whatever serves as town hall for other villages in the valley.

In other news from the town council, a call has been put out across the region for Shade- and Wisp-casters to gather for a Anchorstone Walk in the Eastfjord Harbor Town Hall the morning of the third day of Undine Resting.  By having as many of the regional Shade- and Wisp- casters attuned to as many Anchorstones as possible, rapid communication in the event of an emergency will be possible.

In order to assure proper safety, anyone who is interested is asked to send a message to town hall by Dryad Waning so that enough adventurers can be hired to serve as escorts.

Rumor has it the council has already sent for a Champion of Shade and a Champion of Gnome to come and forge the Anchorstone for the new settlement. This is a major change in policy from having settlements hire their own, thus earning their place as independent towns and villages worthy of representation on the council. What this means for the future settlement remains to be seen.

Seeing things may be a challenge next week. The Sylph-casters say to expect cold, crisp, clear days slightly warmer than this week, but with colder nights.  The resultant ice will likely be highly reflective, so now is a good time to work on those minor Aura glamors for filtering light. For those not particularly good with such magics, check out one of this week’s sponsors at the end of the show!

From the east end of the valley comes two unusual bits of weighty news.  The first is arguably good: there are no reports of any Houndling raids on farms, caravans, or really anything at all.  Local historians confirm this is unprecedented and its anyone’s guess as to what this means.

The obviously concerning news at this time is that the East Valley Trekkers have confirmed multiple encounters with Virl-sign. Worse, the signs suggest multiple Virl.  Virl seldom travel in groups and are known to be aggressive towards anything roughly person-sized. The Trekkers are actively searching for the Virl and advise anyone who encounters them to send up signals and they’ll come running.

For those new to the region, Virl are solitary predators that usually live in mountainous areas. They’re easily mistaken for reptiles given their general gray-green coloration and scales, but they’re more like large, angry dracogs.  Adults are usually a little shy of two meters long and around one meter tall. They have particularly sharp claws and cuts from them, as well as their bite wounds, are known to quickly become infected if the victim somehow gets away. They like to pounce from higher elevation when possible, but most trees can’t support their weight.  If you’re not sure you can handle one, you can’t. Seek shelter, then help.

The Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor are brought to you be Red Wombat Tea Company, purveyors of fine and otherworldly tea. Red Wombat: We Dig Tea.

Also brought you by the Argent Glassworks, no matter how big or small, how near or far, we can help you see it.  Check us out on the east end of jeweler’s row.

These have been the Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor for the week of Dryad Waxing, 2019. Take care, and stay warm.

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