Episode 18 – Week of Undine Waning, 2019

Hello, I’m Branwyn Two-Moon of Clan Lightridge, and these are the Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor for the week of Undine Waning, 2019.

The immigrant caravan is understandably a bit behind schedule between the assault and the weather, but they safely entered the valley at the beginning of the week and are gaining speed towards Eastfjord Harbor as those who’d picked towns, villages, and farms east of the city as their new homes separate from the group.

The Valleywatch Keep Farming Alliance had made arrangements to portal into Eastfjord Harbor and walk back, so their journey was without issue. They’ll be here a bit longer than originally planned, as they hope to recruit those in the immigrant caravan who don’t have firm plans for the future.

I’m told that the first buildings at Petrosk and Ocean’s Watch are nearly done and more requests for shops and homes in both future towns are coming in daily. Also apparently added to list of requests for the Grand Council to address until the new Eastfjord Harbor Council is set up is apparently a Cordelian Embassy and an ambassadorial house for Gemrest’s own.  The King and Queen have apparently received enough additional requests for political meetings to arrange trade and similar from our western neighbors, they have decided to establish a permanent ambassadorial presence in Eastfjord Harbor to expedite things.

Summer may be trying to expedite its presence next week. Expect particularly warm days to rival those of Salamander Waking, but with a bit more breeze towards the end of the week.

Trade caravans are coming from the north and south along the surface roads that run along the valley walls with regularity once again. Similarly, the twin tunnels and harbor are seeing the kind of traffic they usually see in another month.

With the next full moon not quite two weeks away, the Shrinewatchers’ League is making preparations to enact their ritual to seek the Shrine of Magic’s location once more. Hopefully, this time around, I won’t be interfering with their efforts.

Also, as a reminder to everyone in Eastfjord Harbor itself,  the election for your new town council id in just five weeks.Information on your candidates can be found in almost any public gathering place, and there are multiple public forums and debates prior to the election. Other towns and villages in the region will have their elections a month after that.

Last in the news this week, the Bakers’ Guilds have announced their annual Bakers’ Festival the week of Summer Blazing.  Not only will the guilds themselves be hosting competitions among their own, but there are multiple competitions planned for home bakers of all ages.

The Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor are brought to you by Red Wombat Tea Company, purveyors of fine and otherworldly teas. Red Wombat: We Dig Tea.

Also brought to you by Ark’s Smithy, specializing in tools for home and business use. Need new knives, a shovel, or similar? Come pay us a visit on the north end of blacksmith row in Eastfjord Harbor. Ark-forged is hard-forged, even in our apprentices.

These have been the Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor for the week of Undine Waning, 2019. Take care, and stay dry.

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