Episode 30 – Week of Salamando Waning, 2019

Hello, I’m Branwyn Two-Moon of Clan Lightridge, and these are the Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor for the week of Salamando Waning, 2019.

First and foremost, thank you for your letters of concern.  I’m fine, and I feel like word of my exploits has greatly exaggerated them. I did my duty as a Wisp- and Shade-caster – nothing more, nothing less.  If my abilities exceeded those of others, I did what I could to limit their burdens.

Sylph-casters are calling for storms the second and third day next week, but otherwise storms will limit themselves to afternoons and early evenings.  The days will remain hot and muggy, but there will be a bit more breeze than there has been to alleviate things.

Now, let’s get to the unusual and even weird news.

In recognition of the superlative efforts of guilds, guards, and volunteers, the Grand Council has worked with Eastfjord Harbor Council to arrange a gather in celebration.  This gather will take place the fifth through seventh days of Wisp Dancing, in just five weeks. Get your stall applications in to your local town halls and they will coordinate with Eastfjord Harbor to finalize arrangements.

Maybe by then, I won’t feel like I could eat an entire roast every meal.

Also, I tried… once. I don’t recommend it.

During the broadcast for Salamando Waking, I mentioned that somehow, the farms and villages around Valleywatch Keep remained not just unharmed, but unthreatened, but we didn’t know why.  We do now, and I don’t think its explanation anyone saw coming, nor one we would believe if not for numerous eyewitness accounts, including that of Bray Tunnelknight, leader of the Deep Delve guild.

What I read to you now are Bray’s written account of events:

“I’m the leader of Deep Delve, and that makes me more qualified for subterranean explorations that most, but I have that position because I’ve repeatedly demonstrated the ability to identify the best person for a task and motivate them to complete it. Many of my guildmates are stronger in the skills that let us excel in our chosen territory.  As such, once we’d learned of the attacks, I sent my allies out to seal tunnels and prepare defenses, then set about doing something I’d never let them do because I was the only one left – I went to houndling territory alone.”

“I think I’d originally gone to warn them that others might come who would endanger them in a far different way than guilds and armies had in the past.  I had no idea how I was actually going to communicate this, but I’d try.”

“I made my way to the nearest farm, hoping to find a guard.  I found one with the markings we’ve come to identify as indicating some kind of leader.  I found him alone and waiting for me.”

“He spoke to me in common.  He said only eight words, but there was no doubt in my mind he knew what they meant… what he asked.”

“Those words were ‘Your food, we protect. Our food, you protect.’  The tone he delivered them in made it clear he was offering a trade and an alliance.”

“I understood exactly what he meant.  Deep Delve could not hope to protect the farms and villages around Valleywatch Keep. We’re too few in number.  But his people, could. And my people, we had the skills needed to protect gardens from vermin, pests, and wandering sub-dwellers.  I said yes. He nodded his understanding, then left up a tunnel.”

So there you have it folks, communication with houndlings other than angry noises… and in fact, a need for grateful noises.

As the valley returns to normal, I think this is a good reminder that life changing is normal.

The Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor are brought to you by Red Wombat Tea Company, purveyors of fine and otherworldly tea.  Red Wombat: We Dig Tea.

Also brought to you by their Royal Majesties, our King and Queen, who offer their apologies for letting these attacks happen, and their assurances that steps are being taken to not only prevent such in the future, but make it *ahem* phenomenally more unpleasant to undertake such actions in the future and be caught.

These have been the Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor for the week of Salamando Waning, 2019. Take care, and stay cool.

[Author’s note: Due to trying to get ahead on Ersatz Echoes so I could focus on other time-consuming tasks, I accidentally mislabeled last week as Salamando Blazing when I provided the script to our guest host.  The week should have been called Salamando Burning. I’m not going to ask him to re-record, but I am going to add a footnote to the accompanying blog post.]

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