Episode 33 – Week of Wisp Waking, 2019

Hello, I’m Branwyn Two-Moon of Clan Lightridge, and these are the Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor for the week of Wisp Waking, 2019.

Every inn and tavern in Eastfjord Harbor has a bulletin board fill of posters for upcoming gather, and travelers report the phenomena extends all the way to the farming villages at Valleywatch Keep. The depression of the Fortnight War hasn’t fully shaken itself off the valley’s people, but the people are prepared to make it work to stay.

New to this gather, Reynard’s Raptors will be hosting a series of races, not only for their raptors, but the people as well – though they’ll all be running the same course!  Full rules are available at their ranch on the edge of town, but the important one is no magic allowed.

Magic is behind the latest news from Northpond.  While Irzuka Sharesjoy’s dracogs Lucy and Amy are not going to be in season for another three years, her new partner has a young lady that is.  The partner, whose name is known only to a few at this time for privacy reasons, had his dracog Emily teleported to Northpond once he’d confirmed things were calm.  Irzuka’s own Ernest, father of both recent litters, took up stud duties, and we can once again expect dracog puppies in a few weeks.

Miss Sharesjoy, I really approve of your surname.

We’ve received an update from our Anchorstone-forging champion trio.  Despite the Fortnight War, they remain on schedule. Timing worked in their favor when the war broke out – they were down in the valley on the eastern end, instead of up on the rim.  They’re currently now on the southern plateau, having just left the villages around Valleywatch Keep.

The forecast for the week of Wisp Waxing is a sure sign of autumn’s approach.  Overall, expect cooler days than we’ve seen in weeks, with more breeze, and even cooler nights – resulting in potent afternoon thunder and hail storms.  Also, while the mountain passes are in no danger of becoming blocked, snow is expected to become more frequent on the highest peaks, so would-be mountaineers are encouraged to prepare accordingly.

Last news before we hit this week’s sponsors involves the houndlings once more… kind of.  The leaders of the East Valley Trekkers have reached out to Deep Delve and the Valleywatch Keep Farming Alliance to see if introductions can be made.  The Trekkers encounter houndlings far less frequently than either of those groups, and far more frequently than anyone else and feel that a mutual awareness would be good at a minimum

Oh, ok, one more bit of news.  Wisp and Shade energy have been in flux, and as a result, I’ve got a weird sponsor again.  The same one even.

The Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor are brought to you by Red Wombat Tea Company, purveyors of fine and otherworldly teas. Red Wombat: We Dig Tea.

Also brought to you by The Hidden Almanac, whose story is fast approaching its end. Check them out online at hiddenalmanac.com

No, those words still don’t carry meaning for me.

These have been the Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor for the week of Wisp Resting, 2019. Take care, and stay cool.

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