Episode 38 – Week of Autumn Turning, 2019

Hello. I’m Branwyn Two-Moon of Clan Lightridge, and these are the Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor for the week of Autumn Turning, 2019.

I’m going to start by answering a few questions, and then I’m going to move into the news.

Yes, that was Wisp itself that appeared outside its shrine and personally announced my success.  Which means yes, I am a Champion of Wisp and Shade.

Yes, there was a challenge focused around not making a decision at all, which is complicated to explain as a theory, and like all challenges should not be discussed in detail.

Yes, I slept for a day once I got home.

Yes, I’m actively avoiding a lot of people right now.  There’s a lot for me to think about and a lot I’m not ready to discuss.

Yes, the Shrine of Magic is now open to visitors and champion-candidates alike.

No, you may not use the Shrine of Magic as a shortcut to access other Mana Shrines, unless you are a Champion of Magic.

Sylph-casters are calling for windy, cool days and chilly nights for most of the region, but there’s a chance of frost and snow at high elevations. Species that favor the warmest parts of the year have already begun to migrate… or prepare to hibernate.

Both Feralix clans report that efforts to secure the abandoned Vomba towns beneath the mountains are proceeding well and several should be inhabitable at the turn of the year. This bodes well for the expected immigrant caravans.  And the Pinecrest Council has confirmed that while food will be tight, there is enough between the region’s own farms and imports to get everyone that is planned for through the winter.

Shade and Wisp energies are still running high and erratic, not just in Pinecrest, but throughout the world. The latter is primarily due to the return of the Shrine of Magic, and based on what I was told the former is because I chose the Trials of Void.

As a result of this instability, various animals not native to the region have fallen  through rifts and arrived in Pinecrest. Presumably, this is not a one-way phenomena and travelers are advised to be cautious and wary. Artificer shops offer charms that will react to fluctuations in both Wisp and Shade energies so that those not passively attuned can be warned of potential problems and bring their abilities to bear to protect themselves.

Lastly, though Year’s Turning is two months away, planning has begun for the annual year-end festival at Wickerby Pond, with the focal point of this year’s celebrations being Petrosk.

The Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor are brought to you by Red Wombat Tea Company, purveyors of fine and otherworldly tea. Red Wombat: We Dig Tea.

Also brought to you by Jesse Stringer, who invites you to support his Extra Life campaign raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network. I still don’t know who he is or what an Extra Life campaign is, but “Children’s Miracle Network” sounds good to me. Details online at http://bit.ly/2019TangoExtraLife. The T, the E, and the L are capitalized.

These have been the Ersatz Echoes of Eastfjord Harbor for the week of Autumn Turning, 2019. Take care, stay cool, and mind the breeze.

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